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Gua Sha Treatment

What is gua sha?

Gua sha may be used to treat muscle pain and can break down scar tissue. Gua sha is the practice of using a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension.

Gua sha may help to break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints. The treatment does not have any serious side effects but is not suitable for those with certain medical conditions. It uses a round-edge stone from China with strokes over lubricated skin with herbal oil. It helps to move the blood and stagnation (causes of inflammation). It reduces stress, pain, stiffness, inflammation, and the patient feels the benefits right the way.


The treatment works to strengthen the damaged tissue over the next 2-3 weeks, allowing you to continue your daily activities with little downtime and minimal discomfort. Regenerative injections, the latest in pain management solutions, involves 3-6 rounds of injections to the area of chronic pain or a damaged joint. Prolotherapy injections consist of a solution of dextrose, lidocaine, and saline to stimulate a localized inflammatory healing response into the area of ligament injury. 

It is normal to experience some pain and swelling in the injection area after RIT or stem cells have been introduced. This discomfort can last between 48 hours and two weeks, and recurrence of pain can even happen after 2 weeks. The pain and swelling are normal and are usually nothing to be alarmed about, although you can call us if you have concerns. However, it is essential that you do NOT take any anti-inflammatory medications for at least a week after this therapy. 

No aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products for 7-10 days prior to the procedure.
No fish oil/omega oils for ten days prior to procedure.
No swimming or hot tub/bath 48-72 hours post treatment.
No exercising or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours post-treatment.
Use neoprene or lightweight brace/wrap over the injected joint for the next 24-48 hours and during exercise.

How get Gua Sha Treatment?

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